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Weight loss
Medical fasting always leads to weight loss, which is supported by cleansing procedures included in all programs. The minimum weight loss after any of our programs is 10% off the initial weight. The lower the weight, the less kilos you will lose.

Proper and effective detoxification You will lose your first 1.5 to 2 kilos on the very first days in Ulutay thanks to the removal of toxins which built up after years of improper diet and lifestyle. Weight reduction is just as active on the other days of calorie restriction — without calories from food, the body has to find them elsewhere to maintain metabolic processes and to get energy for the procedures and walks. The total weight loss after the program can reach 10% off the initial body weight.

Proper and effective detox
— Reduced swelling and promotes better shape of your body.
— Normalized metabolism which is essential for weight loss
— New food preferences as reported by 70% of our guests after body detoxification
— Reduced stomach capacity which enables you to eat less after fasting
Total weight. The total weight loss by the end of the session can reach 10% off the initial body weight.
Benefits of Ulutay’s calorie restriction program:
Calorie restriction experts compare fasting with a shutdown machinery for the predictive maintenance of systems and mechanisms, when concurrent maintenance is impossible.
Challenge habits provoking weight gain.
The new environment is free of old temptations. People and procedures within the program help focus on the process. Contemplation of the magnificent nature releases the stress of the first two days of fasting. Hunger usually disappears on the third or fourth day.
Better skin quality.
Massage, baths, heat treatments, moderate physical activity, body wraps improve vitality, making your skin smoother and more elastic.
Your new look, an incredible burst of vitality and optimism inspire you to follow the recommendations of our doctors and live a healthy lifestyle outside the Center and make you more disciplined. Besides, this result also means better health!

The result of the program is an aesthetic and healthy body.
We cannot guarantee it either. The purpose of our program is to make the patient realize that transforming your body and improving your health is something everyone can do! Just follow the recommendations of our specialists to maintain and improve the results,
Unfortunately, today, there are no tools that would guarantee that you lose weight once and for all.
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