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User agreement
User agreement

Web-site is a combined naming of the Web-site «», that is an Internet-service of Ulutay fasting center. The Web-site submits to the Web-site User information on medical services, specified by the Federal Law dated November 21st 2011 No. 323-FZ “On basics of health caring in Russian Federation” and the Order by the Ministry of health care of Russian Federation dated December 30th 2014, with the possibility to perform on-line booking of the selected fasting program.

Web-site Administration (hereinafter referred to as Web-site Administration) is the domain owner or persons authorized by it which organize Web-site performance.

Mobile App User (hereinafter referred to as User) is a person of 18+ years old having access to the Web-site via Internet.

Web-site Content(hereinafter referred to as Content, information) is protected results of intellectual property, including texts, annotations, articles, illustrations, covers, audio and video pieces, graphic, text, photo, derivative, complex and other works, user interfaces, visual interfaces, trade marks, logos, computer programs, databases, as well as design, structure, selection, coordination, appearance, general style and placement of this Content, being a part of the Web-site and other objects of intellectual property.

1.1. This User agreement (hereinafter referred to as Agreement) covers the Web-site, hosted at the following domain name
1.2. The Web-site is the ownership of the Administration.
1.3. Administration is entitled to any time change, amend or delete the clauses of this Agreement without notification of the User.
1.4. By continuing usage of the Web-site the User accepts the Agreement and changes introduced into this Agreement.
1.5. The User bears personal responsibility for check of whether this Agreement is actual and whether there are some changes in it.

2.1. The subject of this Agreement is submission to the User of the following:
· access to the information contained on the Web-site and possibility to receive such information in full
· possibility to directly contact with the Administration regarding the request on booking the selected program using corresponding We-site options (chat, e-mail, etc.)
· access to information on the Ulutay Fasting center submitted by the Administration (photos and videos).
2.2. The Web-site grants to the User:
  • the possibility to form a necessary fasting program by the way of applying to the Administration using contact data published on the Web-site;
  • access to Web-site search and navigation options;
  • other types of services realized on the Web-site.
2.3. This Agreement covers all existing at the moment (actually functioning) possibilities of the Web-site, as well as any further modification and additional possibilities of the resource.
2.4. Access to Web-site options shall be granted to the User free of charge. Conditions of some options offered at the Web-site may include the obligation of the User to perform payment for the access right.
2.5. If personal account is available on the Web-site, access to it may be granted via Registration. Registration in personal account means that the User:
a) has acknowledged with the conditions of this Agreement in full before he starts using the Web-site and
b) accepts all the conditions of this Agreement in full without any exceptions and limitations from his side and shall comply with them or stop using the Web-site. If the User does not expresses complete and unconditional consent with the conditions of this Agreement, he shall immediately terminate any usage of the Web-site.
2.6. Use of Web-site materials and services shall be governed by the legislation of Russian Federation in force. Taking into account that the User places the request relating to his health, the Administration shall not be responsible for incorrect actions of the User, including: placing data of third parties or companies that are not connected to the User in the request. Risk of claims from such parties and companies on reimbursement of the damages shall be borne by the User in full.

3.1. Administration is entitled to:
3.1.1. Change these Web-site usage rules. Changes become valid from the moment of publication of a new version of the Agreement at

3.2. User is entitled to:
3.2.1.Use all services and possibilities offered by the Web-site.
3.2.3. Ask any questions related to Web-site performance by sending a message to Administration or technical support e0mails specified at Contacts.
3.2.4. Use the Web-site only for the purposes and in accordance with the procedure specified in the Agreement and not prohibited by the legislation of Russian Federation.

3.3. User shall:
3 3 1. At Administration request submit additional information directly related to possibilities offered by the Web-site.
3 3 2. During usage of the Web-site, comply with property and non-property rights of the authors and other rightholders of the objects being the Web-site content.
3 3 3. Not to perform any actions that may be considered as violating due performance of the Web-site.
3 3 4. Not to disclose any confidential or protected by the legislation of Russian Federation information about individuals or legal entities received by the User in the course of communication with the Web-site and/ or Administration.
3 3 5. Avoid any actions that may result in violating confidentiality of information protected under the legislation of Russian Federation.
3 3 6. Not use the Web-site, including links to its domain name, as well as to any object included into its Content, for distribution of advertising information without written consent of the Administration.
3 3 7. Not use the Web-site with the purpose of incorrect comparison of recommendations offered by the Administration.
3 3 8. Abstain from any actions resulting in formation of negative attitude to the persons using Web-site options or criticize such persons.

3.4. User shall not:
3.4.1. Use any devises, software, procedures, algorithms and methods, automatic devises or similar manual processes for access, acquisition, copying or following Web-site content.
3.4.2. Breach by his actions, as well as by actions of third parties acting in the interest of the User, duly performance of the Web-site, an email linked to the Web-site, and other options offered by the Administration for efficient communication with the User.
3.4.3. By any way by-pass Web-site navigation system in order to receive of attempt to receive any information, documents or materials by any means that are not presented by the Administration or Web-site options.
3.4.4. Unauthorized access to Web-site functions, any other systems or networks related to this Web-site, as well as any possibilities offered by the Web-site.
3.4.4. Use the Web-site and its Content for any purposes prohibited by the legislation of Russian Federation, as well as promote third parties to perform any illegal activity or other activity violating the rights of the Administration or other parties.

4.1. Web-site and its Content are owned and managed by the Administration.
4.2. The Content shall not be used by the User except for based on the direct written consent of the Administration, including its copying, publishing, reproduction, transfer or distribution by any way, as well as publishing by other way in Internet.
4.3. Web-site Content is protected by copyright, legislation on trade marks, as well as by other rights, including rights of third parties related to intellectual property. Reference to the Web-site is mandatory during copy of any information published on the Web-site, as well as during publishing of the diagnostics results by the User in information space in any format.
4.4. This Agreement covers all additional provisions and conditions, information on which is published or will be published on the Web-site.
4.7. Administration is entitled to introduce changes into the possibilities offered by the Web-site at any time without notifying the User. Such changes shall not be considered as re-signing of this Agreement based on new conditions, but will show only relevance of the information in comparison with the information published on the Web-site.
4.8. By accepting this Agreement, the User shall be deemed duly informed and shall view and accept the provisions contained in the Confidentiality Policy published at

5.1. Any losses that User may suffer as the result of deliberate or careless violation of any provision of this Agreement, as well as as the result of unauthorized access to the communications of other Users, shall not be reimbursed by the Administration.
5.2. Administration bears no responsibility for:
5.2.1. Delays or failures during the operations performed by the User on the Web-site, as well as during sending a request and receipt of information using the options offered by the Administration resulted from force majeure events, as well as any failures in telecommunication, computer, electric and other similar systems.
5.2.2. Due performance of the Web-site, of the User has no necessary technical facilities for its use. Administration shall not be responsible for providing the users with such facilities.
5.2.3. Nature, conditions, mutual rights and obligations arising between the User and any third party (individuals or legal entities) in the course of Web-site options functioning under the User’s request.
5.3. Administration is entitled to disclose information about the User if such disclosure is required or permitted by the legislation of Russian Federation in force.
5.4. Administration shall not be responsible towards User or third parties for termination of the access to the Web-site if User violates any condition of this Agreement or other document containing Web-site usage rules.
5.5. User shall be fully responsible for any losses caused to the Administration by his undue actions, as well as by actions of third parties, including unknown.

6.1. In the case of any disagreements of disputes between the Parties under this Agreement, a mandatory condition is submission a claim (written offer on voluntary settlement of a dispute) before application to the court.
6.2. The recipient of the claim shall within 30 calendar days from the date of claim receipt inform the claiming party on the results of claim consideration in writing.
6.3. If it is impossible to settle the dispute on a voluntary basis, any Party is entitled to apply to the court in order to protect its rights granted to it by the legislation of Russian Federation in force.
6.4. Within the period of claim settlement and judicial proceeding initiated by the Administration in the case of undue actions of the User and/ or third parties, including unknown, resulted in losses of the Administration, the Administration shall be entitled to block the access of the User to the Web-site/ his Account on the Web-site, as well as to its options and products. Access may be renewed if the User reimburses all the losses in full.

6.1. Administration shall not accept crossing offers of the User relating to changing conditions of this User agreement.
6.2. Users’ feedback containing information on Web-site performance published in any sources are not confidential and may be used by the Administration without limitations.

Actual version of the User Agreement is published at _____________

Date of last version «___»_________ 2022.