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Dear friends!
If since very long time you are dreaming to visit Russia and Altai area and get experience of the practice of therapeutic fasting at the Ulutai Center, but with coronavirus pandemic you couldn't do it... We have a great news for you!
For those people who, for some reasons cannot come to Ulutai, we have been running the «Ulutai at home» program. And one and a half years we are with you. Join us!
We found a simple solution! Course of therapeutic fasting online! You should not leave your home and at the same time, our doctors will control your health and well-being.
8 days of fasting, detox and health benefit.
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A doctor who is ready to answer all your questions
Доступ к базе видео уроков с приемами самомассажа и йоги, дыхательные практики.
Главный врач клиники Чекелек Ксения Валентиновна будет наблюдать за вашим состоянием, направлять и помогать пройти этот путь дома.
GROUP program #ULUTAYATHOME includes
Dear friends!
We stop online program #ulutayathome for a while. Our doctors needs rest also!

We are coming back at October and you will be able to take part in online course!
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Program reviews
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for organization and running of the online course #Ulutayathome. While doing the course I significantly improved my current state of health. The lectures were very informative; trainings suited me in spite of the fact that I have not physically active lifestyle and the lessons of self-massage will fall into healthy habit. Thanks a lot to the supervising doctor Julia Mansurova for her support! Thank you, Ulutay!
Borzhenko Elena 06/06/2020
I would like to thank all the specialists of Ulutay who, in spite of self-isolation period, offered me a unique opportunity to recover my health and lose weight without leaving my house. Your support while fasting works miracles. The time just flew by; all the days were filled with lectures, gymnastics, breathing practices, self-massage.
Thank you for your work and care.
Ismaghilova Julia 04/06/202
Good afternoon!
First and foremost I would like to thank Olge Chebykina for her participation in this program!!! I am highly satisfied with the results, which I have achieved. I concluded that fasting is easy and comfortable, but the heaviest moment was to get out of it. But thanks to the support group Ulutay 24/7 and my self-control it is possible to pull through all the difficulties! Endlessly grateful!!!!!
Molchanova Irina 04/06/2020
I am a participant of the 5th stream of online course Express-lottery run by “Ulutay” center and became a winner. For a long time I dreamt of going to the center and my dream came true. Thank you for the most perfectly-organized and efficient course you could possibly dream of during the self-isolation period) for 8 hard days which I thought would seem to be a nightmare, but they flew by surprisingly quickly thanks to Ksenia Chekelek, the Chief Physician of “Ulutay” center, who was with us for 12 hours. Thank you so much for your support and understanding because it is not easy to be by the side of every patient from distance, quickly answer all our questions and solve our problems. A good deed is never lost! p.s. Dream in a right way and your dreams will come true! Everything you dream about! I will surely come to the center!
Stretinskaya Alya 29/05/2020
Fasting was really easy and interesting. Doing physical exercises, breathing practices, listening lectures, walking, taking showers, communicating on WhatsApp, you completely forget about the fact that you do not eat. 5 days of fasting flew by. I lost about 6 kilos. I hope that before long I will be able to have longer fasting, possibly in the “Ulutay” center.
Emilia Azrs, 29/05/2020
Thank you for really comfortable fasting! I have never experienced it before, and had a fear of all kinds of medical treatments which led even to despair. Thank you for timely inexhaustible answers of the Head Physician of the center, Ksenya Chekelek to all our questions. They were straight, understandable, restrained without excessive medical information and terms.
Thank you for your attention to every one of us and in my point of view, for CONSTANT MOTIVATION to improve our quality of life.
Speshilova Elena, 28/05/2020
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