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Doctors of the center
Doctors of the center
We use the methods of medical fasting and the power of nature to increase the life-giving energy that renovates body and soul.

We have only highly qualified professionals on our team — doctors who have deep knowledge and vast and successful experience. We want our patients to be sure that their health is in the hands of true experts.
Ksenia Chekelek
Our mission is to improve the quality of life by returning the joys of good health to our patients!

Galina Oreshkina
Chief Physician of the Fasting Center
Calorie Restriction Therapy Specialist
Calorie Restriction Therapy Specialist
Ksenia Chekelek
Chief Physician of the Fasting Center
Calorie Restriction Therapy Specialist
I have always wanted to become a doctor for as long as I can remember. I have never even considered other options. There are no doctors in my family, but as a kid, I would always run checkups on my dolls. Now I am a grown-up and I help real people.

Before joining Ulutay Altai Fasting Center, I had been working as a physician for ten years. The longer I worked, the clearer it became to me that if sickly people did not change their way of life, it would be very difficult to improve their health. Having realized it, I began to pay more attention to my patients’ diets, their habits, and physical activity. At the same time, I studied various diet plants, types of physical exercise, and wellness techniques.

It was when my dear friend, Olesya Zhurkevich, started her work for Ulutay and told me about calorie restriction (CR). I immersed myself in studying this area, and this is how I got to Ulutay.

Unfortunately, I have no personal experience of fasting, as my body mass index is too low for that. But it only makes me more eager to learn about the experiences of our patients and their body changes. Our guests are willing to share, and I can see how amazingly CR transforms people — they become healthier physically and mentally, they become younger and more active.

Thanks to my never-fading curiosity and conversations with guests, I have made friends with many ‘Ulutayans.’ Communication is possibly the most important and interesting part of our work. We receive wonderful people here, who are willing to change, to improve their health. We make connections during the course, and of course, our guests promise to return.

Our team is also great. They are kind to our guests and to their colleagues. When I joined Ulutay, I had an impression that I had known them for ages. Our Center is in a marvelous place! When I wake up in the morning and draw back the curtains, I always see the sun, the stunning forest and the mountains.

Ksenia is also a regular participant of various industry conferences:

November 2019, Novosibirsk, conference: Biohacking: Myths & Reality. Speaker.
January 2020, Moscow, international conference: Live Company: People and Meanings. Speaker.
February 2020, Moscow, Russian Standard Bank, Health is Easy Workshop for the Bank’s team.

e Bank's team
Chekelek Kseniya Valentinovna
the head doctor of fasting and dietary therapy
Galina Oreshkina
Calorie Restriction Therapy Specialist
Over 20 years of experience in medicine. Galina graduated from the Chita State Medical University in 1993 with a degree in General Medicine and did her internship in therapy. She started her career as a general practitioner in a polyclinic then joined an in-patient hospital and  was promoted to the Head of the Medical Department and later to Deputy Chief Physician. From 2002 to 2013, as Deputy Chief Physician, she was involved in temporary and permanent disability expertise, and from 2001 to 2016, in military-medical expertise. In 2016, she joined Obsky Plyosy Resort as Chief Physician.

She was awarded with numerous Certificates of Appreciation for her professional achievements by the district administrations of the Altai Territory. Currently, Galina is a calorie restriction therapy specialist in our Center.
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Oreshkina Galina Ivanovna
The doctor of aesthetic manual modeling of the face