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Fasting is one of the proven ways to prolong life and youth
Fasting significantly increases life span of various living creatures, from unicellular yeasts to primates. It was proved as early as in the middle of the last century and is backed up with many facts described in numerous works of Russian and foreign researchers.
In his book Living to be 300, Suren Arakelyan, a renowned vet, gives examples of rejuvenation of fasting birds and animals.

His experiment with Japanese chickens that well outlived their life expectancy is only one of them.

Arakelyan claims that a 7-day course of fasting did an incredible thing to ‘spent’ hens — the old birds transformed, clotted feathers fell out and were replaced with new ones.

Birds were alive and energetic again. However, most importantly, 91% of the study participants began to lay eggs again two months after fasting. Moreover, fasting therapy increased the life span of these birds threefold.
Here is another well-known worm experiment of Dr. Crew’s: intermittent (phased) fasting increased the life span of the test specimen of a planarian 20-fold!

Human body is, naturally, more complex than that of a planarian and it cannot be renovated completely with fasting. However, rejuvenation is significant and always visible. Both, fasters and their friends admire the transformation.

Lev Polezhaev, Dr.of Biology, believes that fasting is a natural factor contributing to physiological recovery, renovation of all body cells, including their molecular and chemical composition.
What is the reason behind this phenomenon?
The research of American biologists explains rejuvenation at the cellular level. They demonstrated that hunger promotes changes in mitochondrial functioning.

Headed by David Sinclair, Associate Professor, Harvard, scientists from Harvard, Cornell, and the US National Institutes of Health noted that fasting engages proteins that saturate mitochondria with the coenzyme Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), one of the main energy carriers within the cell.

According to the researchers, the abundance of NAD activates the encoded SIRT3 and SIRT4 sirtuins (the so-called enzymes of mitochondrial youth) — instead of natural senility of organelles, which leads to the death of the entire cell, mitochondria not only recover their performance, however start working better than ever before.
Mitochondria increase the production of energy, which slows down the aging of cells dramatically, deactivating the natural mechanism of old cell ‘suicide.’

Furthermore, such mitochondrial activation can temporarily compensate for the loss of all other sources of cell life. Even if its nucleus is found to be completely dysfunctional, making further preservation of the vital unit impractical, the cell does not die. The researchers are not sure yet how exactly mitochondria resist cell death.

The rejuvenation effect is always significant and visible. Both, fasters and their friends admire the transformation.
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