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Miracles of Fasting
Miracles of Fasting
Thorough detoxification of the whole body.
Body rejuvenation on the cellular level.
Body weight reduction and normalization.
Fasting cures, rejuvenates, and prolongs life
What are the benefits of calorie restriction therapy?
Physical, biochemical, and mental detoxification is one of the most important effects of fasting. This process can be compared with “capital repair” and elimination of all the excessive elements. The friends of fasters are most likely to gasp in excitement when they see the visible effects of the treatment.
Fasting rejuvenates the body, it is a fact confirmed by scientists and obvious to all those who fast. Almost every time the friends of fasters are filled with admiration when they see the visible effects of the treatment.
Medical fasting (aversion of food) inevitably leads to weight loss. Besides the process is facilitated by cleansing procedures obligatory included in all programs. The minimum weight loss after any of our programs is 10% off the initial weight.
There has been a lot of studies conducted on the effects of fasting. This method was supported by Hippocrates, Avicenna, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato. In modern Russia, it was used and scientifically proved by A.P. Norbekov, G.A. Voitovych, .S. Nikolayev. This kind of medical treatment has its own methodic provided by the Ministry of the Healthcare of the Russian Federation, however it is still considered to be a kind of alternative medicine. This methodic of treatment has already been used for 60 years and its efficiency has been clinically proven.
Benefits of fasting
It improves insulin sensitivity by 40% and insulin response to glucose, by 30%. This helps prevent diabetes.
Decreased level of insulin-like growth factor-1 leads to a four-times lower risk of cancer.
Reduction of inflammation markers by 30% results in reduced pain and exacerbations of musculoskeletal disorders.
It prolongs life by 30-40% (proved by research on apes).
Fasting results in lower cholesterol & blood pressure and enhanced elasticity of your arteries, which, in turn, lowers the risk of heart disease by 30%.
Beauty of nature
and power of Altai
Contemplation of the magnificent nature makes the first two days of fasting easier. The clearest air, the majestic silence of the trees, the healing power of the lakes, and the magic of the Altai mountains instantly make you feel better. The health benefits of Ulutay's fasting practices are amplified here.

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