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Licenses and certificates
Licenses and certificates
Even though this practice is considered alternative medicine, even the Russian Ministry of Health proposes its own method of fasting,

In our Center, we use the classic calorie restriction method developed in 1973 by Dr. Yu.S. Nikolayev and A.N. Kokosov. This method is almost 60 years old, and its effect has been proven with clinical trials
Our core method is calorie restriction therapy (medical fasting).
This method has been successfully applied in the most reputable medical facilities, research institutes, and health centers of Russia and the CIS, including the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry of the Ministry of Health, the S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy (St. Petersburg), Republican Applied Research Center of Medical Dieting (Jurmala, Latvia), I.P. Pavlov Research Institute of Pulmonology (St. Petersburg), Tyumen Regional Oncology Center (Tyumen), and others. In total, there are over twenty facilities, and Ulutay Medical Center is one of them.
Ulutay Fasting Center
Licenses and certificates