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Guest reviews
Our mission is to improve the quality of people life, return them the joy of healthy life!
Thousands of patients completed courses of fasting and dietary therapy, improved their health and quality of life and became ardent supporters of fasting and dietary therapy.
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“It was my first visit, and I’m happy I did it. Although It was hard at first, but the result was really worth it! I’m very grateful to the staff — everything was just perfect.
“My special thanks to Ksenia for her high professionalism, patience, and wonderful lectures! I’d also like to express gratitude to Natalia Fursova whose optimism and empathy make such unpleasant manipulations as hydrocolonotherapy much easier to bear. Natalia does it with such tact and care that I underwent this procedure twice. Thanks, Ulutay!”
S. Gorina, 01/12/2021
“Thanks to the whole Ulutay staff for their professionalism and sympathy. It's especially important during my stay there. It is especially important taking into account particular conditions of the “starving”. You are surrounded with care and attention 24/7. I wish you love and prosperity!”

Daria Postolnik, 10/04/2018
“First of all, I’d like to thank the junior stuff — maids and cleaners — for their hard work. The rooms and all resort facilities were perfectly clean. Other thanks go to all nurses. I am not going to mention any names — all the girls are very careful and kind, I really appreciated their psychological support. I’m also grateful to the masseurs and their skillful, strong, professional, magic hands that worked miracles on me. Special thanks to Alexander and Vladislav. I’ll never forget Marena, a professional guide and entertainer. Finally, a low bow to all the doctors. Galina is a true professional, I tip my hat to her. I’d also like to thank the cooks who managed to prepare delicious dishes using simple ingredients. And the two girls who were always the first to meet us and say goodbye — Yulia and Olga; their care and support helped to fix all the unexpected issues, so they also deserve a special ‘thank you.’ Bye, Ulutay, it was great!!!”

Nadezhda, 12/15/2020
“We express our sincere gratitude to the team of the Center, to Larisa for her professionalism, kindness, care, and involvement. She’s a gem of the Center. We feel like taking her home and never parting with her again. We’ll miss her. We’d also like to give special thanks to Yulia for the immediate solution of all the problems and her compassion and to Maxim for his professionalism, optimism, sociability, attention, and all his stories that distract people from pain. You all are awesome, guys!!! Thanks.”

Igor and Yulia Laptevs, 11/27/2020.
“Wonderful impressions. A great range of procedures. Wonderful food — kudos to Daria, a cook. Everyone is thoughtful, sympathetic, professional, and skillful. I’m a fan of Leonid, a masseur. The rooms are comfortable. Speaking about cons – the mattresses are too soft, the water pressure in the shower is low.. As for an extra pro — a very charming but at the same time reserved receptionist Olga.”

E. Gorenburg, 03/07/2020
“Hi! It’s hard to put in words the feelings this place gives me. It’s something delicate and harmonious, cozy and home-like. You feel like in a fairy tale. I didn't expect to get so much care, sympathy, warmth, and such proper, natural treatment. I’m really grateful to the staff and all those who make it happen.”
Yulia Yakusheva, 02/22/2020
“Now I can call you friends. Everything was so sincere, transparent, professional and simple. Thank you so much for your hospitality and quality.”
N. Grigorenko, 02/15/2020
“Hello! It was my second time in Ulutay, exactly one year after my first visit. Comparing the two visits, I can say that they both were superb. Not a single drawback. Dr. Ksenia Chekelek is a true professional. The rest of the team are all very friendly, nice to talk to, and they always do their best. Ulutay provides excellent accommodation and discreet high-quality daily cleaning. The medical procedures are very nice and balanced. Ksenia Chekelek gives insightful talks about calorie restriction and healthy eating. During my second visit in autumn, from late September to early October, the weather was gorgeous — up to 21C, so I could really enjoy my strolls and tours. Good luck to you all.”
D. Tasakov , 12/23/2019
“For me, Ulutay is a place of power, a place where you can strengthen your connection with yourself, a place of inspiration and... a magic pill (the one people often look for all their lives). The family atmosphere of the center does not only make you feel at home — it makes you forget about the real world with its ecological problems, bad food, and stress! I’m really grateful to the whole team for their support, care, and understanding on this difficult path of fasting. With each visit, the results exceed my expectations! I wish Ulutay wealth and prosperity.”

Anastasia Bogatyreva, 12/23/2019
“Thanks a lot! Thanks for just being there! It’s a miracle! My heartfelt thanks for my renewed health and the renewed me! I will never cease to recommend and thank you! We’ll enjoy the great results and prosperity together.”

Natalia Koptel, 12/23/2019
“This place is so warm and amazing. It’s so very wonderful. It’s light, bright, dreamy, translucent... Everyone gets their enlightenment, and everything is so steady ) I deeply respect and appreciate the medical team and Ksenia, the Chief Physician (I can’t remember her full name after fasting). I would really like to come here again. Thank you!!!”

Tatiana, 12/19/2019
“A magic place and an excellent team — sympathetic, kind, skillful. A perfect place for rebooting your life. It was my second visit, and it definitely wasn't my last one. Thanks.”

Kristina, 11/09/2019
”Yeah, I’m positive that I’ll come here again for another dose of fasting. But I’ll make it longer next time. My sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU.”

Natalia Yakovleva, Vladivostok/Moscow, 11/26/2019