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Extra treatments
Extra treatments
Our experts develop the programs to ensure the best results. However, you can add extra procedures to your program following a consultation with your doctor.
A simple, safe, and pleasant way of treatment.

Hydrotherapeutic procedures are essential while fasting. They make you feel better, eliminate intoxication, improve your skin vitality, enhance the respiratory, the musculoskeletal, and the cardiovascular systems.
Hydrotherapy, in another way – balneotherapy, is used as an additional treatment in the following ailments:
  • various disorders in the circulatory system;
  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • bone and muscular tissue pathology;
  • disorders of the central or peripheral nervous system;
  • bronchopulmonary diseases;
  • respiratory problems;
  • disorders in sexual and urinary systems, kidney diseases;
  • failure in the endocrine system and metabolism;
  • weight problems;
  • skin diseases; problems with the organs of vision.
Balneotherapy contraindications:
  • presence of different inflammatory processes, especially in the stage of exacerbation;
  • pressure problems, in particular, 3-degree hypertension; various cardiac malfunctions (arrhythmia), pre-and postinfarction condition;
  • difficult blood flow on vessels, especially in thrombophlebitis;
  • serious pockets of inflammation on the skin, such as furunculosis and fungal formation;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy starting from the 2nd trimester;
  • recent stroke and problems with cerebral circulation
      15 min
      Release the skin from toxins, kill pathogenic microorganisms, heal wounds and tone up. Read more>
      15 min.
      Iodine acts directly on the processes of microcirculation of blood in vessels, lipid metabolism, affects the composition, properties of blood. Read more>
      15 min.
      Enhance your endocrine system and improve immunity.
      15 min.
      Turpentine baths promote fat burning. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Read more>
      15 min.
      Brine is too concentrated solution of salt. In nature, increased salt content is often found in lakes and estuaries. Read more>
      15 min.
      15 min.
      Joint application of Ortilia secunda and Rhodiola quadrifida allows to enhance repeatedly the therapeutic effect in the treatment of many diseases Read more>
      15 min.
      Bergenia root has hemostatic, antimicrobial and astringent properties. It provides the vasculomotor effect and strengthens the walls of small blood vessels. Arterial tension can fall, and pulse can occur a little during the acceptance of decoction. Read more>
      Coniferous baths
      Coniferous baths have a dual effect on the human body. They release the skin from toxins, kill pathogenic microorganisms, heal wounds and tone up. At the same time, they have a very positive impact on the state of the human nervous system, strengthen His Immunity, Improve Total Being и Establish Good Circulation.

      Various skin problems, including psoriasis, Neurodermatitis, eczema, trophic ulcers. Treatment is not carried out during the exacerbation of the disease. Respiratory diseases-bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma and many others. Various nervous disorders, including insomnia, heightened anxiety and excitability. Disorders of human musculoskeletal system, especially inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the joints. Problems with cardiovascular system work. Endocrine pathology (diseases of the thyroid gland, obesity, heavy climax). In Gynecology.

      • Oncological diseases of all kinds.
      • Acute conditions or exacerbations of chronic diseases.
      • Tuberculosis.
      • Severe pathology of cardiovascular system.
      • Arterial hypertension of the last stages.
      • Bleeding.
      • Infectious lesions of the skin.
        Iodide-bromine baths
        Iodine acts directly on the processes of microcirculation of blood in vessels, lipid metabolism, affects the composition, properties of blood. Healing of inflammation vessels is activated in the process of influence of this element, restoration of the disturbed exchange occurs.

        Bromine affects the nervous system of the person, normalizes the brain activity, relaxes, reduces muscle tone, calms, balances blood pressure.

        These baths are recommended in cases of circulatory disorders, stenocardia, diseases of the respiratory organs. They are useful in atherosclerosis, postinfarction cardiosclerosis, hypertension, hypotension. Procedures of mineral baths are useful at diseases of the central nervous system, increased irritability, depressive states, chronic fatigue, insomnia, other sleep disorders.

        At Polyneuropathy, dermopathy (at radicular syndromes), Raynaud's disease. Such baths and irrigations are very useful in various gynecological diseases (inflammatory, not inflammatory), as well as in menopausal syndrome. Baths are appointed at some illnesses of a mammary gland, for example, at diffusion cystic breast.

        Baths are recommended for inflammation of bone and muscle tissue, as well as for degenerative pathologies occurring in them. Iodide-bromine water procedures are very useful in the treatment of rheumatoid polyarthritis, other pathologies of the joints, in diseases of the spine. Baths are appointed at diseases of the digestive tract, in the pathology of the urinary system, skin diseases, including allergic dermatitis, eczema, neyrodermatitis, etc. Iodide-bromine water procedures are used in the treatment of thyroid diseases, obesity, gout, as well as some dental diseases, including paradontosis.

        The procedure is contraindicated in the manifested leukopenia, radiation sickness, as well as individual iodine intolerance. It is impossible to carry out procedures, to take baths at expressed urticaria, hemorrhagic dermatitis.

        Iodide-bromine mineral procedures are not carried out at severe forms of diabetes mellitus, thyrotoxicosis. They are contraindicated at pituitary form of obesity. It is impossible to carry them out during pregnancy.
          Turpentine baths
          Formally, turpentine baths also belong to the hydropathic procedures, but they have a special status. In usual hydrotherapy the important thing is that people are in contact with water, and when taking turpentine baths, the turpentine is dissolved in this water.

          Chemically it is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, mainly terpenes. Its second name is the oil of turpentine. Baths are prescribed to treat and «healthy people yet» for rejuvenation and general prevention.

          In today's practice there are three types of bathtubs such as white, yellow and mixed. First baths raise the blood pressure, the second baths reduce it, the third baths influence it in different ways.

          Contraindications of the white turpentine baths:
          White baths are contraindicated at high blood pressure, because they increase it even more. If the upper (systolic, i.e. in the phase of heart contraction) pressure is not more than 140 mm, white baths are indicated for any arteritis, myocardial infarct, sciatica, bone fractures with muscle atrophy, deforming rheumatism with osteoporosis (i.e. bone fragility), the effects of poliomyelitis, rachitis.
              Brine baths
              Brine is too concentrated solution of salt. In nature, increased salt content is often found in lakes and estuaries. The fact that brine has a high thermal conductivity. Due to this, the blood flow increases, vessels on the surface of the skin expand and useful substances and trace elements are much faster in the blood and they are absorbed by the body.

              The medical possibilities of brine are extremely large:
              • stimulation of immunity and regeneration of tissues;
              • reduction of all types of edemas;
              • analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect;
              • desensitizing action;
              • increasing the tone of all muscle groups;
              • stimulation of metabolic processes and central nervous system;
              • improvement of vascular activity;
              • stabilization of cardiac activity;
              • increase of blood and lymphatic exchange at various pathologies;
              • treatment of skin diseases, including psoriasis and atopic dermatitis;
              • persistent improvements in spinal and joint diseases;
              • solving of gynecological problems;
              • treatment of upper respiratory tract and dentistry diseases.
              Just a few sessions will make you a hot fan of brine baths. Procedures with this wonderful salt strengthen the body quickly and activate its protective forces.

              • elevated body temperature;
              • bleeding of any etiology;
              • pregnancy at any time;
              • hypertension;
              • atherosclerosis;
              • stenocardia;
              • breakdown and exhaustion of the whole organism;
              • tuberculosis of any tissues and organs;
              • chronic diseases in the acute period;
              • epilepsy;
              • cirrhosis of the liver;
              • untreated venereal diseases in acute stage;
              • cachexia;
              • мalignant neoplasms
              Herbal bath for women with red brush, Ortilia secunda
              Red brush (scientific name is Rhodiola quadrifida).
              The plant has the following positive effects:
              • normalization of hormonal background and the functioning of the endocrine system;acceleration of tissue healing, including bone;
              • stabilization of blood pressure;
              • normalization of the cerebrospinal axis, calming effect;
              • cleansing of the body and blood of toxins and free radicals;
              • normalization of the blood formula;
              • removal of inflammatory reactions;
              • lowering cholesterol;
              • eliminating pain syndrome;
              • anticarcinogenic,
              • protection against oncology;
              • prevention and elimination of spasms of cerebral vessels;
              • increase of physical and mental reserves;
              • increase of blood hemoglobin;
              • improvement of resistance to infectious agents, activating protective forces of the organism;
              • rejuvenation of the body.
              • Diseases of the CVD (cardio-vascular diseases), blood and lymphatic system: atherosclerosis, anemia, increased intracranial pressure, lymph node diseases, leukemia, heart diseases;
              • In Gynecology: myoma, mastopathy and metrofibroma, cystosis and polycystosis, painful and very heavy menstruations, dis- and amenorrhea, failure of the menstrual cycle, metrorrhagia, cervical erosion, endometriosis, adnexitis, barreness, endometrium and uterus polyps, menopausal syndrome;
              • Male genital diseases: barrenness, oligospermia, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, weakening potency;
              • Urinary system diseases: cystitis, pyelonephritis;
              • Endocrine pathologies: hypothyroidism, hormonal disorder, thyroiditis, goiter, diabetes mellitus;
              • Diseases of the digestive system: dysbacteriosis;
              • Neurological diseases: neurosises, epilepsy, brain concussion;
              • ENT-pathologies: sinusitis;
              • Bone fractures;
              • Infectious diseases: a broad group of pathologies caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi.
              • Cancer: as the treatment and prevention of cancer.
              Protective properties of cancer were studied by Polish scientists in experimental work on mice, during which the alcohol tincture of Rhodiola quadrifida was effective against tumor cells. The plant is a natural plant hormone, so it can be a safe and natural option of the replacement hormonotherapy, traditionally contained synthetic hormonal drugs.

              Joint application of Ortilia secunda and Rhodiola quadrifida allows to enhance repeatedly the therapeutic effect in the treatment of diseases: muscular tumors; cystitis; fibromas; metrorrhagias; mastopathy; inflammatory gynecological diseases; male and female infertility.

              The collection is not suitable for:
              • Rejecting one or two components;
              • Pregnancy;
              • Lactation;
              • The period of menstruation, except for painful and plentiful menstruations, when the plant is assigned;
              • Hypertension above 180/100;
              • Severe depression;
              • Fever;
              • Children up to age 18 years;
              • Combination with hormonal drugs, including vegetable origin (plant hormones).
                Herbal bath for men with Hedysarum, Rhodiola rosea, Bergenia
                Bergenia root has hemostatic, antimicrobial and astringent properties. It provides the vasculomotor effect and strengthens the walls of small blood vessels. Arterial tension can fall, and pulse can occur a little during the acceptance of decoction.

                Bergenia is used for the following diseases:
                • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
                • ntoxication;
                • otulism;
                • ntestinal infection;
                • iarrhea;
                • nterocolitis;
                • after radiation and chemotherapy;
                • nflammation and bleeding of the gums;
                • tomatitis;
                • ingivitis;
                • aradontosis;
                • emorrhoids;
                • bleeding hemorrhoids.
                Broth of bergenia rootstocks should not be taken for a long time, as this can cause constipation, increase of blood coagulability. It`s undesirable take bergenia root for people with high blood coagulation. As a decoction of bergenia can cause a decrease in blood pressure, hypotensive patients must take herbs simultaneously that increase pressure (Rhodiola rosea, Leuzea carthamoides). Those who suffer from tachycardia, it is not recommended to take bergenia in large quantities because it stimulates blood circulation and heartbeat can become more rapid.

                • headache;
                • bronchitis;
                • bronchial asthma;
                • myoma and fibromyoma;
                • mastopathy;
                • hormonal infertility;
                • uterine bleeding;
                • neuroses;
                • pneumonia;
                • tuberculosis;
                • fever;
                • constipations;
                • intestinal infections; violations of the liver, gall bladder;
                • urolithiasis;
                • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
                • reduced intestinal functionality;
                • muscle spasms.
                The basic contraindications to the use of medicines with the contents of the Hedysarum:
                • pregnancy;
                • lactation;
                • myocardial infarction;
                • hypertension;
                • thrombophlebitis;
                • head injuries;
                • increased nervousness;
                • children up to age 12 years.
                EXTRA TREATMENTS
                All our baths can be taken in a Jacuzzi tubs. It will give you pleasant sensations, help relieve stress and enhance the effect of the bath.
                15 min
                15 min
                15 min
                15 min
                15 min
                15 min
                HYDROMASSAGE IN HERBAL BATH (for men/women)
                15 min
                15 min
                15 min
                15 min
                EXTRA TREATMENTS
                Saline solution for inhalation is widely used in complex therapy of diseases of the respiratory system.
                10 min
                EXTRA TREATMENTS
                The benefits of massage on the body cannot be overestimated.
                Visceral massage helps restore the anatomical position of the abdominal organs, improve organ blood flow and thus enhance organ functions. Body massage has a therapeutic effect on the musculoskeletal system, restores muscles, improves skin vitality, relieves pain, fixes muscular issues, promotes weight reduction, and helps make your body perfect.
                ABDOMEN MASSAGE
                30 min/60 min
                The objective of this technique is to normalize blood flow, peristalsis, and organ functioning. Read more
                FULL BODY MASSAGE
                60 min
                60 min
                30 min.
                60 min
                HEAD MASSAGE
                30 min
                BACK MASSAGE
                30 min
                ANTERIOR ABDOMINAL WALL & lateral abdominal surface massage
                30 min
                LEGS MASSAGE
                30 min.
                FOOT & SHIN MASSAGE
                30 min.
                20 min
                HAND & FOREARM MASSAGE
                20 min
                MASSAGE FOR CHILDREN
                30 min
                30 min
                *subject to the availability of a specialist
                20 min
                *subject to the availability of a specialist
                Abdomen massage
                Abdomen massage is a kind of manual therapy, which involves a physiological step-by-step action on the abdominal cavity organs using the method of deep pressure. The purpose of this technique is normalization of blood circulation, peristalsis and functioning of human organs. In this way, the doctor affects the organs, and through them he affects on the whole body completely. Abdomen massage of Ogulov differs from many manual methods, where the emphasis is on the nerve endings of the limbs and back, muscles and joints. Abdomen massage of internal organs gives an opportunity to restore their anatomically correct position. During the session the doctor examines the abdomen of the patient by hands, revealing all damages in the ligaments. The specialist, acting on them, normalizes the position of organs. It is necessary to note, that receptions of such massage can be used both for treatment, and for diagnostics of an organism condition. The doctor at pressing checks skin-visceral connections and makes conclusions about the violation of the work of any organ, about the depth and nature of the functional disorder.

                Indications for the use of this type of massage are:
                • diseases of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder (pancreatitis, cholecystitis, stones, etc.);
                • disorders in the digestive tract (digestive disorders, constipation, colitis, hemorrhoids, ulcers of the duodenum/stomach);
                • diseases of the urinary bladder and kidneys (kidney failure, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, etc.);
                • gynecological problems (metroptosis, uterine appendages, menstrual disorders);
                • diseases of the reproductive system of men (including prostatitis, impotence);
                • hernia: white belly line, umbilical, inguinal; skin diseases;
                • prevention of diseases and general health improvement, restoration of metabolism, rejuvenation of the organism;
                • disturbed metabolism (heel and plantar spurs);
                • cosmetic correction by the method of nonmedicinal therapy (for example, removal of papillomas, pigment spots, warts);
                • vascular and cardiac diseases (as rehabilitation after a heart attack or stroke);
                • prevention of pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus;
                • ENT diseases;
                • contusions, joint diseases, muscle stretching;
                • osteochondrosis of the thoracic, cervical and lumbar spine, scoliosis;
                • respiratory diseases;
                • migraines that were caused by the violation of the blood circulation of the brain;
                • psychoemotional disorders.
                Contraindications of abdomen massage using:
                • pathological severe violations of the organs;
                • any forms of oncological diseases;
                • acute form of tuberculosis;
                • infectious diseases that are accompanied by temperature;
                • mechanical traumas;
                • syphilis;
                • internal bleeding;
                • thrombosis;
                • drug conditions;
                • gangrene;
                • mental disorders.
                Lymphatic drainage
                Lymphatic drainage is one of the methods of physiotherapy, which is aimed at relaxing the muscles and removing excess fluid from the body. The procedure of hardware lymphatic drainage massage is aimed at cleansing the body, such as removing toxins and slags from it. The effect is achieved by improving venous circulation.

                This procedure will help you to achieve:
                • Relieve the symptoms of varix dilatation;
                • Elimination of edemata;
                • Improvements in the functioning of the nervous system;
                • Stimulating the work of internal organs;
                • Weight loss. Indications for the session of the hardware massage are: Initial stage of varix dilatation; Appearance of stretch marks and flabbiness of the skin;
                • Any degree of edemata;
                • Diseases of the vegetovascular system;
                • Cellulite.
                • Skin diseases;
                • Different types of inflammation;
                • Tumor;
                ymphatic drainage is carried out by donning a special suit, which is responsible for the pressure on any of the areas of your body. This type of lymphatic drainage is carried out by supplying air to different parts of the body. This method will help to get rid of varicose reticulum and cellulite, as well as reduce edemata. The average time of the procedure takes thirty minutes. The full course of treatment is 15 visits, which are not recommended to do more than twice a week.

                Mud treatment
                Mud therapy is known since ancient times, the effectiveness of this method did not allow him to sink into oblivion.

                Therapeutic muds (peloids) are considered to be mineral resources and accumulated at the bottom of lakes and seas for many decades. The therapeutic effect of these healthy natural resources is due to their physical properties and composition, in which there are many biologically active compounds and trace elements such as iron oxide, bromine, copper, aluminum, hydrocarbon, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, cobalt, and other minerals. Therapeutic muds are rich with substances similar to hormone-, antibiotic-and vitaminous substances. Peloids are also valuable for their antimicrobial properties.

                Therapeutic muds are divided into peat, sapropelic, which are extracted from freshwater lakes, and silt-sulfide muds, namely, they are called the main, or actually muds.

                In our sanatorium we use silt-sulfide mud of the famous Altai lake Jarovoye.

                These lakes are Real Pearls of Altai, the world has very few such sources of priceless natural medicinal raw materials. The concentration of salt in the water of the lakes is comparable with the concentration of salt in the famous Dead Sea in Israel, and the therapeutic mud has therapeutic properties.

                Due to its unique composition and properties muds of the lake Jarovoye and Gorkoye are used in the treatment of a very wide range of diseases.

                In cosmetology mud applications and wrappings give excellent result in struggle against cellulite, especially-in combination with massage, thermal procedures and fasting.

                Basic indications for mud treatment:
                1. Inflammatory and traumatic diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
                2. Peripheral nervous system diseases;
                3. Diseases of the respiratory organs;
                4. Chronic diseases of ENT-organs.

                Contraindications for mud treatment:

                1. Acute inflammatory processes;
                2. Chronic diseases in the exacerbation stage;
                3. Active tuberculosis;
                4. Malignant neoplasms;
                5. Diseases of the cardiovascular system with circulatory inefficiency of II-III degree;
                6. Phenomena of hyperthyroidism;
                7. Blood diseases;
                8. Infectious diseases in the acute stage.
                Mud treatment
                EXTRA TREATMENTS
                We use silt-sulfide mud of the famous Altai lake Jarovoye.
                Due to its unique composition and properties muds of the lake Jarovoye and Gorkoye are used in the treatment of a very wide range of diseases.
                BLADE-TO-BLADE & ADRENAL GLAND AREA mud poultice application
                20 min
                SPINE AREA mud poultice application
                20 min
                BACK mud poultice application
                20 min
                COLLAR AREA mud poultice application
                20 min
                SHOULDER JOINTS mud poultice application
                20 min
                “GLOVES” AREA mud poultice application
                20 min
                ELBOW JOINTS mud poultice application
                20 min
                “UNDERPANTS” AREA mud poultice application
                20 min
                HIPS JOINTS mud poultice application
                20 min
                “SHORTS” AREA mud poultice application
                20 min
                KNEE JOINTS mud poultice application
                20 min
                “SOCKS” AREA mud poultice application
                20 min
                “JACKET” AREA mud poultice application
                20 min
                “PANTS” AREA mud poultice application
                20 min
                THE WHOLE BODY mud poultice application
                20 min
                Antler fir baths
                Velvet antlers are the young deer antlers in the period of their growth. At this time, they are not ossified yet, covered with the tender skin with velvety nap outside and consisting of cartilage spongy tissue, saturated with the blood of the animal. In spring, they accumulate trace elements, biologically active substances and hormones, possessing a huge healing and biostimulating force. At this time (May-June) the period of cutting antlers begins.

                Healing drugs from horns of maral produce in the form of so-called "broth" which is prepared from cut horns (procedures with it spend directly in sanatoriums of Altai). Antler bath a water medical SPA-procedure, at which all the useful properties accumulated in the velvet antlers, get into the body of the person, helping him to get rid of ailments.

                After adoption of procedures the immunity increases, there is a resistance to stresses, aging process slows down. The working capacity is increased, the metabolism is normalized, disorders of the reproductive system are recovered. Joint pains disappear, the body recovers and rejuvenates, the former cheerfulness returns, memory improves, and symptoms of chronic fatigue disappear.

                Specialists recommend taking four courses of procedures each year to reduce biological age and active long life. Each course should consist of 10 baths taken every other day.

                • At osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis with radicular syndrome, joint diseases;
                • At vegetative-vascular dystonia, neuroses;
                • After traumas, operations;
                • At cardiac disorders (stenocardia, ischemia);
                • At gastric diseases (ulcers, colitis in the period of remission, bowel disorders);
                • Skin diseases outside the stage of exacerbation (dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema);
                • Diseases of the respiratory system (bronchitis, bronchial asthma in the period of recovery);
                • Diseases of the urogenital system;
                • Obesity and Metabolic disorders;
                • At chronic fatigue syndrome, overwork, asthenic states;
                • For the removal of nicotine and alcohol intoxication.


                • During acute inflammatory processes, exacerbation of chronic diseases;
                • At the presence of cancerous tumors and benign formations;
                • At exacerbation of allergic diseases, individual intolerance;
                • During pregnancy;
                • At infectious diseases and pulmonary tuberculosis in the active phase;
                • At acute intraarticular processes and fresh fractures;
                • At severe liver and kidney disease;
                • At high blood pressure;
                • In violation of cardiac activity (atrial arrhythmia, heart failure);
                • At mental diseases, epilepsy, brain injuries.
                  Velvet antler therapy
                  EXTRA TREATMENTS
                  The reviving and revitalizing effect of velvet antlers will benefit the entire body.
                  It is particularly good for the immunity and the genital sphere, for both men and women.
                  15 min
                  15 min
                  HYDROMASSAGE in velvet antler & fir baths
                  15 min
                  15 min
                  15 min
                  ANTLER FIR MICROENEMAS
                  15 min
                  Antler fir microenemas
                  The remedy is recommended for use in the complex therapy of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, peripheral nervous, respiratory and urogenital systems of non-specific and specific etiology in the subacute and chronic stages.

                  Applying of microenemas activates the body's defenses, increases resistance to infectious diseases, has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, resolving effect, improves blood circulation of the pelvic organs. Microenemas can also be used in parallel with antibacterial means or as a self-healing remedy with unsharply expressed pain symptoms.

                  1) Respiratory Diseases:
                  - diseases of the upper respiratory tract: chronic non-specific rhinitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis in the remission phase or fading exacerbation;
                  - condition after acute pneumonia;
                  - chronic nonobstructive bronchitis;
                  - chronic obstructive bronchitis in the period of remission or inflammations of minimum activity;
                  - bronchial asthma, infectious-dependent and mixed form, easy and moderately current.

                  2) Diseases of the peripheral nervous system:
                  - low-back injury, brachial plexus, crevival, thoracic, lumbarsacral roots, individual nerves of the upper and lower extremities of inflammatory nature, tunnel syndromes;
                  - reflexogenic syndromes with muscular-tonic, vegetovascular, vegetovisceral or neurodystrophic manifestations, caused by degeneration of intervertebral discs of cervical and thoracic spine (syndromes of the anterior scalene muscle, humeroscapular periarthrosis, etc.);
                  - lumbodynia, lumbar ischialgia with muscular-tonic, vegetovascular and neurodystrophic manifestations, caused by the degeneration of the lumbar spine (piriform muscle syndromes, periarthrosis of the hip or knee joint, coccyalgia, etc.);
                  - discogenic radiculitis with moderate and poorly expressed pain, radicular-vascular syndrome (radicular ischemia) in condition of absence of sequestration disks, self-service and independent movement;
                  - neurasthenia (hyper-and hyposthenic form, irritable weakness) and neurosis states, vegetative-vascular dysfunctions, caused by infection, intoxication, trauma, endocrine disorders.

                  3) Diseases of the musculoskeletal system:
                  - rheumatoid Arthritis;
                  - infectious arthritis of non-specific etiology in the subacute, chronic and residual stage of the disease;
                  - osteoarthritis with residual phenomena of reactive synovitis and without it;
                  - traumatic arthritis, bursitis, capsulitis;
                  - periostitis.

                  4) Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract:

                  - functional disorders of the digestive organs;
                  - chronic gastritis with preserved, elevated and reduced acid-forming function of the stomach in the stage of complete and incomplete remission;
                  - ulcer of stomach and duodenum in remission, incomplete remission or fading exacerbation;
                  - biliary dyskinesia, bowels;
                  - chronic cholecystitis, holangioholecistit in full or incomplete remission

                  5) Diseases of the urogenital system:
                  - chronic pyelonephritis in the stage of fading exacerbation and remission;
                  - chronic prostatitis of I or II stage in remission or moderate aggravation, complicated by reproductive and sexual disorders.

                  The procedure is recommended to be carried out daily or every other day in the morning, an hour after eating or before bedtime. The clinical effect is manifested with the 5th-6th procedure.

                  EXTRA TREATMENTS
                  Leeches give a wide variety of health benefits to a human body.
                  They improve blood flow, thin the blood, reduce inflammation in blood vessels and internal organs and it is only a part of health benefits they provide. While fasting, they help your liver cleanse more effectively and detox your body.
                  *Cash only.
                  VAGINAL HIRUDOTHERAPY with1 leech
                  40-60 min
                  PROCEDURE with 2 leeches
                  40-60 min
                  Detoxification Procedures
                  They improve your well-being and relieve intoxication symptoms.
                  Detoxification Procedures are Obligatory while fasting.
                  30 min.
                  10 min.
                  CLEANSING ENEMA
                  10 min.
                  SODA ENEMA
                  10 min.
                  Monitor bowel cleansing
                  It is a procedure during which, in the lower departments of the large intestine the special tip is injected, through which in the digestive tract, liquid is supplied in a sufficiently large amount, from 15 to 20 liters as a rule.

                  The speed and intensity of the jet feed is controlled by the computer, so in most cases it is possible to avoid completely the painful feelings that can deliver a lot of trouble.

                  Final products of vital activity due to the closed contour leave intestines, at the same time it is completely possible to eliminate the appearance of unpleasant smells, which makes this procedure not only relatively safe, but also clean.

                  In the presence of indications herbal infusions can be used, as well as antibiotics and other drugs.

                  The duration of the procedure depends on the indications to its purpose, but in most cases, it does not exceed 45 minutes. If necessary, the hardware method can be repeated, but in this case the intervals between sessions increase to 3 – 4 days. In most cases, a patient needs a little preparation, expressed in a special diet, which must be observed on the eve of the procedure. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe a laxative medication.

                  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by locks;
                  • Dyskinesia of bile passages;
                  • Adverse allergic background;
                  • Autoimmune states;
                  • Pathology of the pelvic organs: cystitis, prostatitis, and other;
                  • Helminthic invasion;
                  • As a preparation for the survey;
                  • Some skin diseases;
                  • Intoxication, including alcohol;
                  • Food intoxication.
                  • Pregnancy;
                  • Hemorrhoids, especially in the stage of exacerbation and in the presence of complications;
                  • Severe pathology of the rectum, for example, oncology;
                  • Surgical interventions on the large intestine, that people had in the recent past.
                  Soda enema
                  The majority of those who have tried to imagine the effect of cleansing enema with soda, notice its positive effect. This procedure does not only cleanse the body perfectly, but also improves health significantly, ease appears all over the body. In addition, reviews suggest that if you're on a diet, it is much easier to be on it with enema. In the treatment of helminthiasis salt solution also makes a positive effect. During the treatment, a lot of mucus is eliminated, and helminths are expelled. As a result, the patient's condition improves, until complete recovery. The eradication of helminths from the use of this method helps eliminate symptoms of diseases that were provoked by intoxication because of parasitism of worms and poisoning with waste of their vital activity.

                  This procedure is not carried out under such conditions as:
                  • inflammation in the colon and rectum;
                  • bleeding hemorrhoids;
                  • bleedings of the digestive system;
                  • cancer of rectum;
                  • anal fissures;
                  • rectal prolapse;
                  • pregnancy;
                  • lactation.
                  Spa procedures
                  EXTRA TREATMENTS
                  Health benefits and good mood.
                  Spa procedures reduce swelling, improve skin vitality, relieve muscle clamps and spasms, prevent colds, and enhance your well-being, vigor, and mood.
                  LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE "Pants"
                  20 min
                  15 min
                  WATER MASSAGE
                  15 min
                  INFRA-RED SAUNA
                  15 min
                  Phytostamsauna Cedar barrel
                  The method is based on cleansing the body of various harmful decay products by steam influence which is saturated with medicinal compounds from herbal decoction. There is a mixture of more than 40 herbs selected by specialists of the Altai region in each such gathering.

                  Steam with a temperature of 40-42 degrees is supplied into a cedar barrel in which the patient is placed. The head of the patient is outside the barrel, he does not breathe with steam, but with ordinary air, so there is no overheating of the organism and a good tolerability of the procedure is ensured.

                  The course of treatment is 10-12 procedures. The procedure lasts up to 1 hour, of which 10-15 minutes the patient is in the barrel, and then he takes tea and rests. High steam concentration of medicinal compounds when interacting with the skin leads to increased work of sweat and sebaceous glands, removal of spasms of the smallest blood vessels (capillaries). The body is cleaned from unnecessary decay products with significant improvement of intercellular and cell matrix relationships. It leads to optimization of all organs and systems work with recovery of protective forces of an organism and normalization of metabolic processes.

                  Therapeutic effects

                  • Normalization of muscle tone,
                  • Improving of blood circulation and lymph drainage,
                  • Increase of tone and elasticity of tissues,
                  • Normalization of psycho-emotional state,
                  • Treatment of inflammation and stagnant phenomena of the mucous membrane of the upper airways.
                  Indications for treatment
                  1. Diseases of the cardiovascular system,
                  • Neuroses with predominant disturbance of the cardiovascular system function,
                  • Arterial hypertension of 1-2 degree,
                  • Ischemic heart disease of 1-2 functional class without evident rhythm and conductivity disorders,
                  • Chronic rheumatic heart disease in the inactive phase of rheumatism,
                  • Valve lesions of the heart with circulatory failure not higher than stage 1.
                  2. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
                  • Osteochondrosis of the spine,
                  • Arthrosis of various origins,
                  Arthritis in the remission stage.

                  3. Diseases of the nervous system
                  • neuroses,
                  • Psychosomatic ddisorders,
                  • Vegetative dystonia, Radiculoneuritis,
                  • Neuralgia of different origin,
                  • ost-traumatic psychasthenia.
                  4. Diseases of digestive apparatus
                  • Chronic gastritis,
                  • Ulcer in the remission stage,
                  • Chronic liver and bile passages diseases.
                  Contraindications of receiving Phytostamsauna:
                  • Thrombophlebitis of the deep veins of the lower limbs,
                  • Ciliary arrhythmia,
                  • Aortic aneurysm,
                  • Acute myocardial infarction,
                  • Acute stroke,
                  • Severe mental disorders,
                  • Infectious diseases in the acute stage,
                  • Fungus disease,
                  • Aids.
                  Infra-red sauna
                  Infra-red sauna is a special device which is designed in the form of a cabin and oriented for thermal procedures. Its peculiarity is in the way of heating: not by air, but by infrared radiation, which provides high efficiency of body heating. The whole session takes 30 to 40 minutes. The nature of the effect allows to warm the body deeper than in other steam rooms for a shorter time. Perspiration increases greatly. Thermal loads are practically absent, so the list of contraindications is much shorter. Shortcomings appear only when the rules of procedure are not followed. For example, exceeding the session time is fraught with increased stress on the cardiac muscle. It is worth remembering that the effects of infrared rays can significantly increase the activity of cosmetic products, inflicted on the skin, and thus cause an allergic reaction. Benefits of IS: When the body is heated, toxins and excessive liquid are excreted from the cells.

                  The special microclimate inside the cabin allows to fight disease-inducing microorganisms, including diseases of the "ear-throat-nose" triad in chronicity.
                  Blood circulation accelerates, cell oxygen and other nutrients supply improves.
                  Metabolism at the cellular level improves.
                  Cholesterol levels decrease, it reduces the risk of serious heart and vascular diseases. The elasticity and strength of the walls of blood vessels increase during the constant visits in the Infra-red sauna. Pressure's back to normal.
                  There is a stimulation of immune system, protective functions of an organism are increased.
                  The water balance gets better, it normalizes the functioning of kidneys.
                  It eliminates pain syndrome in the musculoskeletal system (joints, spine, muscles), during menstrual periods and headaches.
                  The period of recovering from various injuries is reduced. Wounds heal faster, bones grow after fractures much faster, hematomas resolve in the shortest possible time.
                  The work of the nervous system comes to normal. Therefore, visiting the IR sauna, you can get rid of insomnia and increased irritability. The adjustment of a dream will lead to improvement of health, efficiency, restraint in stressful situations.
                  The cosmetic effect is shown in the improvement of skin condition due to its cleansing. Many people note a body mass and cellulite decrease.
                  There is a mistaken opinion that infrared radiation in saunas causes serious harm to the human body. But this statement has nothing in common with reality. It is known that infrared waves emit even a person. In this type of steam rooms, heating elements are used, the radiation of which is in the range inherent in the human body. That is why it can be considered identical to the natural and safe for the organism.
                  Infra-red sauna can inflict the harm only if the person does not observe the rules of visiting, such as spontaneously increases duration of procedures, visits sauna excessively often, ignores contraindications.

                  Insomnia, fatigue, absent-mindedness, irritability, deterioration of memory, pinched nerve and other disorders of the nervous system;
                  Pressure jumps, deterioration in blood circulation;
                  Reduction of protective functions of the body, frequent colds;
                  Scoliosis, muscle spasms, rheumatism, bursitis and other pathologies of the locomotor apparatus;
                  Indigestion, metabolic delay, metabolism disorders at the cellular level;
                  Menopause syndrome;
                  Cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, acne, urticaria;
                  Period of recovery after traumas, infectious diseases, inflammatory processes.

                  In the presence of colds in the acute phase. This especially applies to cases with body temperature increase against the background of the infectious diseases.
                  Presence or suspicion of development of oncological diseases.
                  The menstruation period can be a contraindication, because additional warming of the back contributes to increase blood flow.
                  The tendency to bleeding profuse character.
                  Individual intolerance of high temperatures.
                  Presence of silicone-based implants in any parts of the body.
                  Diabetes mellitus with recurrent or persistent acidosis.
                  Presence of acute septic process.
                  Cachexia is the depletion of the body.
                  Chronic alcoholism.
                  Also the doctors advise to avoid visiting sauna at cystitis, during the period of breastfeeding, at mastopathy, endometriosis and some other gynecological diseases.
                  Presence of blood vessels and heart diseases, for example, hypertension, heart failure, stenocardia, atherosclerosis.
                  Period of treatment with some medicinal drugs.
                  Surgical intervention.

                  Thermal procedures are better to spend in the evening time. Although the session is allowed before the working day, because the infra-red sauna does not steam out the skin and invigorates perfectly. Frequency of visits: 4-8 sessions per month, i.e. 1-2 procedures per week. The course for health improvement includes 10 to 12 sessions. It is recommended to drink a glass of juice or clean water 10-15 minutes before the start of the session. During the procedure, it is also necessary to replenish the fluid. In order to reduce weight, it is recommended to visit the IR sauna once a week, although in some cases sessions are allowed every 2-3 days.
                  Body-oriented psychotherapy
                  EXTRA TREATMENTS
                  Physiotherapy is not the only way to improve your health while fasting.
                  Our body psychotherapist will help heal your body and mind. Body-oriented psychotherapy will help you find and retain balance and cope with stress.

                  PRIVATE body-oriented psychotherapy sessions
                  1 session
                  VIBROACOUSTIC MASSAGE with Tibetan singing bowls
                  30 min
                  VIBROACOUSTIC MASSAGE with Tibetan singing bowls
                  60 min
                  Energy healing
                  EXTRA TREATMENTS
                  These techniques combine practices aimed at the body, breath, and energy.


                  They help solve health problems by addressing your thoughts, approach to life, and emotions.
                  1 session
                  Consultation with a calorie restriction specialist

                  EXTRA TREATMENTS
                  Initial consultation / Return visit
                  1 session
                  **For guests without a program
                  EXTRA TREATMENTS
                  Fasting affects not only your body, but also your face, so it is important to remember to take good care of it.
                  To enjoy not only your new body and new clothes size, but also your reflection in the mirror, you can choose some of the cosmetic procedures.
                  • Complex (deep) FACE cleaning with peeling
                  • BACK cleaning with peeling
                  • ULTRASONIC CLEAING
                  • MILIUMS REMOVAL
                  FACE PROCEDURES
                  • CARBOXY FACIAL THERAPY
                  • BEAUTY COMPLEX with “Whipped Cream” mask
                  • Whipped Cream Beauty MASK
                  • REJUVENATION COMPLEX with an oxygen mask
                  • REJUVENATION COMPLEX with an alginate mask
                  • Rejuvenation COLLAGEN MASK with pearl powder
                  • Face MASSAGE
                  • ALGINATE MASK (face & neck)
                  • SILK MASK with pentapeptide and chitosan
                  • OXYGEN MASK
                  • SOOTHING MASK
                  • PEEL-OFF FACE MASK
                  • EYE CONTOUR CARE COMPLEX
                  • Aesthetic face TAPING
                  • D'ARSONVALIZATION
                  • EYEBROW SHAPING
                  • EYEBROWS TINTING
                  • EYELASHES TINTING
                  • ANTI-ACNE peeling
                  • OILY SKIN peeling
                  • REJUVENATING PEELING
                  • EYE & LIP CONTOUR peeling
                  BODY CARE COMPLEXES
                  • “CHOCOLATE DELIGH”T ANTI-STRESS COMPLEX (peeling, problem areas massage, anti-cellulite gel, body wrap, finish cream)
                  • FOOT SPA (peel, mask, finish cream)
                  • HAND SPA (peel, mask, finish cream)
                  BODY WRAPS
                  • CHOCOLATE DELIGHT ANTI-STRESS COMPLEX (peeling, problem areas massage, anti-cellulite gel, body wrap, finish cream)
                  • FOOT SPA (peeling, mask, finish cream)
                  • HAND SPA (peeling, mask, finish cream)
                  • Detox peeling
                  • Anti-cellulite gel
                  • Firming body gel
                  • Algo-lymph gel
                  • Moisturizing body milk
                  Aesthetic face modeling
                  EXTRA TREATMENTS
                  Plastic surgery without a scalpel.

                  Make your skin elastic again, restore your face, neck, and low neckline contours, get rid of wrinkles.

                  60 min
                  OUR COURSES
                  Programs of Ulutai Center
                  Prolong your Youth
                  Get rid of extra weight
                  Antistress Reboot
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