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Body detox
Fasting (calorie restriction) is very effective for body detoxification.
The key of the method is when the body is deprived of food from outside sources, it begins to draw on its internal reserves. Cells that are damaged or diseased are the first to be burned. The biochemical cleaning process starts. Every cell goes through a complicated process in which hundreds of chemical reactions occur one after the other. Substances that interfere with the normal progression of biochemical processes in cell structures, mitochondria, and ribosome get removed.

Detoxification also occurs in the intercellular fluid, which functions as a connecting link supplying nutrients to cells and eliminating toxins. During a fasting period, the body sources protein from the excess in capillary membranes. It restores the permeability and elasticity of capillary walls, which is key for regulation of normal blood pressure.

Thus, as a result of 7 to 10 or 14 days of fasting, the body gets purified.

Over the first days of fasting, the gastrointestinal tract is cleansed of mucus and fecal stones. The process of decomposition and fermentation in the colon is stopped. Fasting activates regeneration of the gastrointestinal tract's surface cells.
While fasting, many systems of the body are in a state of functional rest, which helps restore their normal functioning.

Many systems of the body exist in the dormancy mode while fasting which leads to their functional recovery.
All excretory systems focus on removing toxins. About 150 different toxic compounds are removed by the lungs alone.

Fasting cleanses the joints of hands, feet, spine from the accumulated salts. Mild forms of arthritis are healed after 8 to 10 days of fasting. More severe cases — polyarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis (fusion of bones) — require longer times to activate recovery mechanisms.

Fasting triggers detoxification and rejuvenation of the entire body, gives you a boost of energy and lightness.

Fasting for an extended period of time often enhances a person’s mental and emotional state and inspires creativity. There is no definite explanation of this phenomenon, but it may be related to the following factors:
Substances that are not normally present in blood (ketones, acetone, acetoacetic and other acids). They provide high-quality energy to the brain, promoting beneficial improvements in the functioning of the central nervous system.
Medical fasting reduces the synthesis of “stress hormones” — fasting people almost get rid of fears; acute situations are perceived in a different way.
The third and the most important reason is that while fasting a person gives up carnal desires, fasters build a strong spirit and take a new outlook on life values and the meaning of life. The spirit of a person is cleared; anger, malice, envy are gone. Your perception and comprehension of reality change.
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