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Antistress Reboot
Reboot your Body. Remove the symptoms of chronic stress.
This program is focused on fasting practices that trigger cell cleansing processes, lowering stress hormone levels, and starting the recovery process. The procedures within this program will help you relax and reboot your nervous system.

Pine baths and soothing herbal steam will provide the required anti-stress relief.
Soda baths help cope with the crisis occurring during fasting and make you feel better.
Neck mud therapy and massage relieve tension and improve cerebral circulation.
The program includes head and collar area massage. It improves blood circulation in the brain. Foot and shin massage relieves accumulated stress. Fasting can be made simpler by the treatment of biologically active points.
The program includes:
A beauty complex that includes body peelings and body wraps helps purify the skin at the beginning of the program. This speeds up and simplifies the process of body purification.

Face massage is included in all our programs. Even one procedure will help relax face muscles and reduce swelling. Moreover, it improves face contours and complexion. You may also choose to have a complete face massage course. The number of procedures is determined by our cosmetologist.

Lymphatic drainage reduces swelling and improves blood and lymph circulation.

Liver flush combined with choleretic herbal tea can help prevent biliary retention and facilitate proper cleansing of the liver and biliary passages.

Visceral massage, cleansing enemas, and colon hydrotherapy all support gentle, high-quality colon cleansing to help you feel better while fasting.

Back massage. Back massage strengthens your muscles, relives back pain, and restores your body posture!
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Indian Summer
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